CD release „Im Namen der Liebe“, July 2023

The new CD with Trio Klavis and Peter Turrini is now available! The CD presents music by Miha Ferk, played by Trio Klavis alongside poems by Peter Turrini, recited by the writer himself.

Contact us for your signed copy or order at Preiser Records

CD recording with writer Peter Turrini, July 2022
One step forward - and a few steps back

In July Trio Klavis recorded „Ein paar Schritte zurück - und ein Schritt nach vor“ with original music composed by saxophonist Miha Ferk alongside Peter Turrini’s poems, recited by Peter himself. A very touching recording experience, which will be available on CD. More information on pre-orders coming soon!

Ein Schritt nach vor - und ein paar Schritte zurück, July 2021
One step forward - and a few steps back

A special project was premiered by Trio Klavis in Carinthia. Having received a commission close to heart Miha composed a work inspired by a selection of poems called „Ein paar Schritte zurück“ by the prominent Austrian writer Peter Turrini. The poems reflect Turrini's youth in his hometown Maria Saal in the south of Austria, to which Miha could deeply relate having grown up in the same region, across the border in Slovenia. The premiere included Turrini’s own recitations of the poems in the intimate setting of Kunsthalle Maria Saal.

New CD Release, April 2021

New Trio Klavis CD released with Genuin Classics!

Order here and you'll recieve it directly from us:

Also available on Amazon:
USA and worldwide, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, UK

ReMusica Festival 2020 - Special Online Edition, August 2020

Exceptional times call for exceptional solutions. ReMusica Festival Prishtina accepted the challenge and decided to launch the yearly festival as a series of virtual events. All concerts will be streamed online and broadcasted on Kosovan national TV from 7th-21st of September 2020. Trio Klavis's virtual concert will take place at the festival on September 8th from the gorgeous Lorely-Saal in Vienna.

YouTube Videos:

M. Eychenne: Cantilène et Danse
W.A. Mozart: Kegelstatt Trio, 3rd Movement

Guest ensemble for the Gustav Mahler Composition Prize 2020, March 2020

We will take part as the resident ensemble for the Gustav Mahler Composition Prize in 2020. We will premiere the award-winning works written for violin, saxophone and piano, on October 2nd 2020 at the Musikforum-Viktring-Klagenfurt. The works will be recorded and broadcasted by the Austrian national radio station Ö1. Miha will represent us in the jury of the competition and in addition, we will present Trio Klavis Special Prize for a piece we look forward to falling in love with.

Find more details:
Official Announcement
Application Form

The New Austrian Sound of Music 2020/21, June 2019

We are delighted to announce that Trio Klavis has been chosen for the program "The New Austrian Sound of Music" 2020/21 of the Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, which supports selected ensembles of five different genres from Austria while touring around the world.
Read more about "The New Austrian Sound of Music" (NASOM)

CD recording, April 2019

In April we completed our recording session for our upcoming CD with works by Joahnnes Brahms, Dmitri Shostakovich and Ernst Krenek which is now in post production.
We had the priviledge to record under the delicate guidance of Ina Nikolow and Benedikt David of Headstart Records in the lovely Lorely-Saal in Vienna. We are immensely grateful for the incredible support of Steinway in Austria, Österreichischer Musikfonds and professor Ulrich Vette.

Summerwinds Münsterland, July 2018

A truly magical venue awaited us for our performance at the Summerwinds festival. Presenter Susanne Schulte found these kind words about our performance: "Pure energy, fascinating verve, incredibly secure interplay, contagious ensemble feeling, an amazed audience and standing ovations: Trio Klavis at Summerwinds in Kunstklärwerk Stadtlohn presents a program with Michael Haydn, Brahms, Milhaud and Shostakovich that fits them perfectly."

Find the german version and photos here.

Reviews from "Kissinger Sommer", June 2018

We had the pleasure of playing two concerts at the renowned festival "Kissinger Sommer" in Bad Kissingen, Germany after which we received wonderful press reviews.

"(...)Miha Ferk hatte (beim Klaviertrio Nr. 1 op. 8 von Dmitri Schostakowitsch) einfach das Cello durch sein Saxophon ersetzt, und die Wirkung war verblüffend. Denn durch die größere klangliche Variabilität des Blasinstruments kam die Leidenschaftlichkeit des erstmals verliebten jungen Mannes wesentlich besser zur Geltung. (...)”

"(…) In Dmitri Shostakovich’s Piano Trio No. 1 Op. 8 Miha Ferk simply replaced the cello by the saxophone, achieving an astonishing effect. The great variability of the wind instrument’s sound brings out the passion of a young man’s first love much better. (…)"

"(...) Spätestens bei Brahms' Horntrio op. 40 im Rossini-Saal wurde deutlich, was für fantastische Musiker die drei sind. Sie spielten mit einem unglaublichen Zugriff aufeinander zu - es standen ja auch keine Pulte zwischen ihnen - und lieferten eine unendlich spannende Verdichtung dieser romantischen, gerne zelebrierten Musik mit neuen Aspekten. Der olle Brahms hätte seine helle Freude gehabt. Man sollte die drei jungen Leute unbedingt auf dem Radar behalten. (…)"

"(…) At the latest during Brahms’s Horn Trio Op. 40 in the Rossini hall it became clear what fantastic musicians those three are. They played towards each other with incredible interaction - there where no music stands between them either - and showed an immensely fascinating density of this romantic, otherwise often traditionalised, music with new aspects. Good old Brahms would have been delighted. One should definitely keep these three young musicians on the radar. (…)"

Read the full reviews in german here:

Überraschung im Dreierpack
Trio Klavis - Kissinger Sommer

Concerts and workshop in Turkey, December 2017

Before the end of 2017 we visited the OMÜ International Music Festival at the Black Sea in the city of Samsun, Turkey. The festival, hosted by the Ondokuz Mayis University of Samsun, featured alternative chamber music projects and offered free workshops and concerts by local and international ensembles. We were received with a very warm welcome by the staff and a lot of interest from the students of the University. Our journey was made even more enjoyable by the fact that we traveled together with our dear friends "Die Wandervögel", a folk group from Vienna, who were also part of the festival.

"Extra-Ordinary", December 2017

On the 14th of December 2017 we had the opportunity to curate a concert for the innovative concert series "Mosaiquef. We feel so grateful towards all the truly special musicians who joined forces with us on the 14th of December 2017 to create a breathtaking evening. Big thanks to stunning Melanie Henley-Heyn, wonderful Nicholas Spanos, marvelous Sheng-Fang Chiu, gorgeous Nora Romanoff-Schwarzberg, alluring Yu Horiuchi and fascinating Hyung-ki Joo for your love and devotion to music, and for being your extraordinary selves!

New live video

We’d like to share a live video from our concert in St. Petersburg last year. Michael Haydns Divertimento was originally written for 2 violins and bass, later published under Joseph Haydn’s name and in the 20th century a piano score was added by the edition. We love this piece and its misterious history makes it even more dear to us.

Trio Klavis - Michael Haydn, Divertimento No. 2 MH6

HIFA Zimbabwe, May 2017

We feel incredibly fortunate to have been part of one of the most colorful festivals in the world, the "HIFA Harare International Festival of Arts" in Zimbabwe. Bringing art forms of all kinds together, it has become one of the most important festivals in Africa. We played two sold out concerts and also had the pleasure of giving masterclasses for piano, violin and saxophone. But we didn’t just teach, we ourselves learned a great deal from local musicians and artists.

China, April 2017

This April we had our first tour to China, playing concerts in Nanjing, Changsha and Dalian. It was a great experience to visit the Asian continent, we are looking forward to many more opportunities.

Tonhalle Zurich - Debut concert

In this concert season, we played our debut in the world-renowned concert hall Tonhalle Zurich. In our program, there were two compositions to be found in versions no other ensemble ever performed until now. Trio nr. 1 op. 8 by Dmitri Shostakovich, the cello part was replaced by alto saxophone, and the world premiere of the contemporary composition Mikroncerto IIIb, composed by Richard Dubugnon and dedicated to our ensemble. We are proud to present you live recordings of both!

Trio Klavis - Dmitri Shostakovich Trio Nr. 1, Op. 8

Trio Klavis - Richard Dubugnon, Mikroncerto lllb World Premiere

Music video release

We are glad to present our brand new music video with the exciting piece "Mad for Seven" by Hyung-ki Joo! This video shoot took place in July 2016 in Vienna and after careful post production our little film is finally ready. Many Sevens are coming your way and you can even briefly spot the composer himself!
You are welcome to watch it here:

Trio Klavis - Mad For Seven

Geography of Sound - our debut CD is out!

We are so happy to present you our debut CD, "Geography of Sound”. We worked on it heartily and had some amazing people’s support on the way. Sharing it with everyone is a dream coming true. What a happy time for us!
Order your copy from: mail(at)trioklavis.com

Slovenian Debut

Our "S” Miha’s homeland is the next destination for us to conquer. We are very excited to play in Velenje in April, which will mark our Slovenian Debut. This will be followed by a revisit shortly after, with a concert in Koper in May. Counting days to play for the audience of this beautiful country.
Abonma Klasika, Velenje
Amabile, Koper

Support us on wemakeit.com!

We are very close to make a big dream come true! We are about to release our debut CD with our beloved program Geography of Sound. We have started a crowdfunding campaign to be able to produce our debut CD, which was chosen to be supported by Bank Austria. We do insist on having you glance through our profile and do hope you will find a reward for your taste! https://wemakeit.com/projects/trio-klavis-cd-debut

Debut Concert in Turkey!

Our excitement is rising more and more with each day about our Turkey Debut at the International Gumusluk Classical Music Festival. Our "Kla” Sabina grew up in this country so it will be even more special for us to play there. Miha is arranging a folk tune from the area where we will be playing and we will do the world premiere on the gorgeous open air stage of the festival! Tickets and info:
Gümüşlük Festival 2015

Trio KlaViS feat. Aleksey Igudesman

The one and only Aleksey Igudesman sacrificed himself for an experiment with us. Miha's new piece "Happy Hour" is a medley of music around the world, and the travel is led by traditional beverages of each country!
YouTube: "Happy Hour" by Miha Ferk, ft. Aleksey Igudesman

Julian Rachlin on Trio KlaViS:

Words from the world acclaimed violinist and conductor Julian Rachlin, about us:
"Trio KlaViS consists of three exceptional musicians who make music with great passion on the highest level. The original instrumentation of their ensemble lends the pieces they perform a great range of colours and makes them shine in the world of classical music!"

Jenny as the Artistic Director of Podium Festival Mödling

Our beloved "Vi" of KlaViS, is in the core team and is the co-founder of the Podium Festival Mödling, which had a huge success at its 2nd edition this year. The festival was held end of September and each concert of the festival had its own appealing theme.
Find a TV article and more details about it here:
Tv article
Official website

Composer and arranger Miha Ferk!

Our "S" Miha Ferk's fame is rising as a composer and arranger. His arrangement of Kozina's Bela Krajina has been premiered by LadieSaxophone quartet in Szczecinek, Poland on the 18th of July!
You can also hear his arrangement of Piazzolla's "Tango Suite", performed by Trio KlaViS here:
2nd Movement
3nd Movement

Congratulations to Sabina!

We are congratulating our "Kla" Sabina Hasanova for the success in her secret talent! Her drawings were published by Universal Edition, in Aleksey's new book "Horoscope Preludes" for violin and piano.

Find it in music shops or online: Universal Edition

Presenting New Videos From Our Concert!

We are happy to present you some videos from our live performance at the ORF Radiokulturhaus. Find them on our Media page, you can listen to works by Piazzolla, Brahms, Igudesman and Khachaturian!

A Warm Thank You!

We would like to thank Musikverein and Radiokulturhaus for having us in their halls this week. We had a great time celebrating 10 Year Anniversary of the 4 New Halls of Musikverein, playing in Metallener Saal last Saturday. And we certainly had amazing time on the stage in ORF Radiokulturhaus on the 27th of March, with our special guest Aleksey Igudesman. We were so happy to have such great audience and we did have a standing ovation! Stay tuned for upcoming new projects!


We are very happy to announce the release of our website! We hope you’ll enjoy browsing through our recordings, photos and biographies and hope to meet you soon at our next performances!

"Take It To Eleven" at ORF Radiokulturhaus, with special guest Aleksey Igudesman

Our big day is about to arrive, we go on stage in ORF Radiokulturhaus Wien together with the amazing violinist, composer and master of musical humor Aleksey Igudesman!!!

We will also play the world premiere of a piece Aleksey Igudesman wrote especially for us, coincidentally called "Take It To Eleven" as well! Don’t miss it!!!
Find tickets here: www.ticketonline.at

Trio KlaViS on YouTube and SoundCloud

You can now follow Trio KlaViS on YouTube and SoundCloud.
We have just released a new recording of Marc Eychenne's "Cantilene et Danse".
Find it here:
Trio KlaViS on Youtube
Tria KlaViS on Soundcloud

Trio KlaViS - Musikverein Debut

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Trio KlaViS is having their debut concert in Musikverein, under the title "Take It To Eleven"! We will be presented by the renowned cycle Uno.Due.Tre, founded by Marialena Fernandes. We would love to invite you all to enjoy this event with us!
Show all news...
Dmitri Shostakovich "Trio Nr. 1 Op. 8"
Ernst Krenek Trio Op. 108, II. Allegro Agitato
Darius Milhaud "La Création du Monde", arr. by Miha Ferk
Richard Dubugnon "Mikroncerto IIIb", World Premiere
"Traubensaft aka Bach in the Balkans" by Miha Ferk
Michael Haydn "Divertimento No. 2 MH6"
Astor Piazzolla "Tango Suite" 2nd mov, arr. by Miha Ferk
Astor Piazzolla "Tango Suite" 3rd mov, arr. by Miha Ferk
Aram Khachaturian Trio 3rd movement
Marc Eychenne "Cantilene et Danse" Part 1 - Cantilene
Marc Eychenne"Cantilene et Danse" Part 2 - Danse
"Take It To Eleven" by Aleksey Igudesman, World Premiere
Hyung-ki Joo "Mad For Seven", Official Video
"Reflection N° 1" By Miha Ferk

Trio Klavis - CDs

Download Electronic Press folder - English / German

Download Press Photos - High Quality

Trio Klavis

Trio Klavis has established itself as an exceptional new chamber-music ensemble, attracting international attention with their unique sound and impressively diverse repertoire. As pioneers of this formation, the trio passionately engages with any style or era they find close to their hearts - from the classical and romantic era of Mozart and Brahms, or the Second Viennese School of Schoenberg and Krenek, to original works inspired by ancient folk melodies and new jewels of the 21st century by living composers.

Trio Klavis are determined to expand the existing repertoire for piano, violin and saxophone trio. They regularly premiere original compositions by acclaimed composers, as well as their own compositions. Their devotion can be felt through the fact that they give all performances from memory, internalising the music before offering it to the audience.

Trio Klavis has already performed in major classical venues such as the Vienna Musikverein, Tonhalle Zürich, St. Petersburg Philharmonie, Gasteig Münich and renowned festivals such as Grafenegg Festival, Allegro Vivo and the Kissinger Sommer in Bad Kissingen. International tours have taken the trio through Europe, Asia and Africa.

In 2015, the ensemble received the Austrian Federal Chancellery Scholarship for Music and was awarded the Bank Austria Art Prize that same year. In 2016 the trio released their debut album "Geography of Sound" with Orlando Records, a compilation of classical works with folk music influences from all over the world. Austrian Musikfonds institution supported the production of their second album, which includes works by Johannes Brahms, Dmitri Shostakovich and Ernst Krenek.

Trio Klavis were Musik Aktuell artists in 2015 and were chosen to be NASOM "New Austrian Sound of Music” artists for 2020-21.



Jenny Lippl grew up in Vienna, Austria and was shaped by the city’s cultural diversity and musical richness. She started to play the violin at the age of 9 at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz where she studied with Regina Brandstätter and Sylvia Viertel. She continued her studies with Ernst Kovacic at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna where she received her diploma with distinction in 2013.

During her violin studies Jenny sought inspiration and further training from musicians such as Gerhard Schulz, violinist of the legendary Alban Berg Quartett and Volkhard Steude, concertmaster of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Diversity of styles became Jenny’s passion. Her Masters thesis culminated in a recording of Luciano Berio’s "Sequenza VIII” and she is currently studying historical performance practice with baroque violinist Hiro Kurosaki.

Jenny is a versatile chamber musician and her engagements have led her to perform at festivals such as Podium Festival Esslingen, Kammermusik.Mariasaal, Brücken-Festival Mürz, Trigonale, Düsseldorf Festival, Schleswig-Holstein and Händel Festspiele Halle.

As a soloist she frequently performs with the historically informed "Orchester 1756" on the baroque violin and is a member of the baroque ensemble "nuovo barocco".

Her musical creativity has also led her to collaborate with artists such as the singer-songwriter Clara Blume and renowned silent film narrator in the german-speaking world, Ralph Turnheim, for whom she both composes and plays.

She is also a co-founder of the innovative Podium Festival in Mödling which concentrates on creative programming and the combination of different art forms. As part of the artistic direction team, she has been heavily involved in the development of the festival’s character.


MIHA FERK - Saxophone

With his broad and unique artistic portfolio, the Vienna-based Slovenian Miha Ferk can be described as the consummate modern classical musician. Active as a composer, arranger, conductor and soloist he dedicates his life to music and the development of the saxophone as a contemporary classical instrument.

Miha is a published arranger and composer. His opus consists of more than 100 original works and arrangements which are regularly performed by numerous ensembles around the world.

Some of his most acclaimed compositions include his "Caprice” for solo violin, garnering standing ovations and high praise from music critics after its premiere in the grand hall of Megaron in Athens, one of his early compositions "Reflection No. 1”, which is performed and recorded regularly by ensembles in Europe, Japan and South America, becoming a standard work in the saxophone trio repertoire and his "East-West Suite", which premiered at the Vienna Musikverein and is performed throughout Europe, China, Turkey and Africa.

One of Miha's main professional goals is to contribute to the art of arranging. His arrangements have reached over a million views on YouTube, the most successful so far being "The Iron Maiden Symphony” for symphonic concert band.

Ensembles and artists who perform his arrangements and compositions include the Philharmonic Ensemble Vienna, which consists of members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, violinist and composer Aleksey Igudesman, pianists Hyung-ki Joo and Ferhan & Ferzan Önder, Signum Saxophone Quartet, Arcis Saxophone Quartet, Symphonic Wind Orchestra Ravne and many others.

Miha's works are regularly broadcast on classical radio stations such as the Austrian national radio station Ö1, SWR2, Ars, Radio Koper and even the Mexican national radio station Opus 94.

He has also appeared in various halls as a conductor, most notably the Brahms Hall at the Vienna Musikverein.



As a concert pianist, Sabina has performed on stages in Europe, Asia and the USA. Her international debut was with the Moscow Symphony Orchestra in the Grand Hall of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow at the age of 14. Since then Sabina has become a laureate of numerous international competitions.

Born into a family of musicians in Baku Azerbaijan, she grew up in Edirne Turkey, receiving musical education from her parents. After receiving her Master’s Degree from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul, she found a new home in Vienna, Austria in 2010 where she completed her postgraduate studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna with Prof Stefan Vladar. While taking some time away from performing as a soloist, she formed Trio Klavis with Miha Ferk and Jenny Lippl in 2013.

Sabina's work with the trio led her to become a devoted chamber musician. She has had a successful piano duo with her sister and formed numerous collaborations with singers and cellists. Sabina regularly performs solo and chamber music works by female composers.

As a teenager, Sabina showed interest in teaching and used every chance to interact with students. She taught at the Kafkas University State Conservatory in Turkey between 2006-08, and has become a sought after piano teacher for students of all ages. In 2018 she was the Music and Arts Academy Manager at the Amadeus International School in Vienna.

Sabina has had the privilege to work with pianists such as Dmitri Alexeev, Boris Bloch, Milena Mollova, Rolf Plagge, among others.

Sabina is also a producer of award winning films and music videos (Noseland, Mad For Seven), and of live shows (Verbier Festival, Trans-Siberian Festival). She is a published illustrator (Universal Edition, Edition A), and has held administrative positions in music related startup companies (Music Traveler, Music Traveler Productions). For more information, please visit sabinahasanova.com


La Création

Darius Milhaud sets the creation of the world according to African Mythology to music, Dmitri Shostakovich revels in his first love, and Johannes Brahms creates an immortal masterpiece of chamber music.

Michael Haydn - Divertimento MH6 (arr. Weismann)

Johannes Brahms - Horn Trio op. 40

Darius Milhaud - La Création du Monde (arr. M. Ferk)

Dmitri Shostakovich - Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano No. 1 Op. 8

The Viennese Program

The cultural tension in Vienna shaped the global musical landscape for centuries. This program of Viennese composers explores the spectrum of classical music through Haydn and Mozart, late romanticism through Zemlinksy and the dodecaphony through Ernst Krenek.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Kegelstatt Trio KV 498

Alexander Zemlinsky - Trio op. 3

Arnold Schönberg - Verklärte Nacht op. 4

Ernst Krenek - Trio op. 108

Cantilène et Danse

Rachmaninoff’s tragic expressions, Khachaturian’s joy for dance, Marc Eychenne and his Franco-Algerian origin are all brought together, culminating in Trio Klavis’ original work Reflection by their saxophonist Miha Ferk.

Marc Eychenne - Cantilène et Danse

Sergei Rachmaninoff - Trio Élégiaque Nr. 2, 1. Movement Moderato

Aram Khachaturian - Trio for Clarinet, Violin and Piano

Miha Ferk - Reflection Nr. 1

Geography Of Sound

A program with compositions celebrating the alluring combination of classical and folk music.

Works by Astor Piazzolla, George Gershwin, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Aram Khachaturian, Miha Ferk, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Arturo Márquez

Pure Klavis

This program consists exclusively of works written for Trio Klavis, thus expanding the repertoire for this instrumentation, demonstrating the fascinating compositional diversity of the early 21st century.

Richard Dubugnon - Mikroncerto lllb

Aleksey Igudesman - Take It To Eleven

Donald Yu - Emergence

Constantine Caravassilis - Confessions

Miha Ferk - Folk Songs

Hyung-ki Joo - Mad for Seven

Tailormade Program

Trio Klavis enjoys creating programs inspired by specific topics and occasions. Commissions and suggestions for arrangements are always welcome.

Trio Klavis: Complete repertoire list

Trio Clavis Piano in Water
Tirana, Albania
„Balkan Contemporary Music Festival“ Details TBA
Prague, Czech Republic

19:00 Austrian Cultural Forum

„Im Namen der Liebe“ & Jazz Concertino
Vienna, Austria

19:00 & 21:00 Arnold Schönberg Center

„Lange Nacht der Museen“ - Schönberg&Co Details
Wiener Neustadt, Austria

19:30 Museum St. Peter an der Sperr

„Beethoven Frühling - „Im Namen der Liebe“ feat. Sophie Aujesky“ Details
Vienna, Austria

19:30 Botschaft der Tschechischen Republik in Wien

„Vienna meets Prague“ Festival“

Schoenberg, Krenek, Schulhoff

Vienna, Austria

19:30 Theater am Spittelberg

CD Release Concert „Im Namen der Liebe“ Details
Tarnów, Poland

Inter-Art Festival

Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Schulhoff

Krakow, Poland

Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Schulhoff

Warsaw, Poland

Austrian Cultural Forum

Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Schulhoff

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Imago Slovenia Festival

Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Schulhoff (world premiere of Trio for Violin, Sax and Piano, completed by Miha Ferk)

Sendenhorst, Germany

17:00 Uhr Haus Siekmann

Summerwinds Münsterland Details
Unterretzbach, Austria


CD recording with Peter Turrini
Maria Saal, Austria

19h30, Kunsthalle - Maria Saal

„Ein Schritt nach vor - und ein paar Schritte zurück" by Peter Turrini & Miha Ferk
Ferreira do Alentejo, Portugal

21h30 Lagar do Marmelo

„Terras sem Sombra“ Festival Details
Teheran, Iran

Fajr Music Festival

Bukarest, Romania

Sala Radio

Vienna, Austria

20h Wiener Musikverein

„Verklärende Nächte“ Details
Vienna, Austria

20h Porgy & Bess

„The New Austrian Sound of Music Präsentationskonzert“ Details
Maria Saal, Austria


Peter Turrini - Miha Ferk, „Ein Schritt nach vor - und ein paar Schritte zurück“
Mitterretzbach, Austria

Wavegarden Tonstudio

"Beethoven, Poulenc“ - Online concert for the Austrian Cultural Forum Ottawa
Iași, Romania - postponed

Classix Festival

Ravne na Koroskem, Slovenia - postponed

Kulturni dom - House of culture

Vienna, Austria - cancelled

Alte Schmiede

Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia - postponed

19.00 - Hugo Wolf concert hall Slovenj Gradec

"Hugo Wolf Festival"
Skopje, North Macedonia

National Opera

Musikforum Viktring, Austria

19.30 - Gustav Mahler Kompositionspreis - Trio Klavis as Ensemble in Residence

Laureate concert Details
Concert tour Morocco - postponed - online concerts
Horn, Austria
21.30 - Late-Night-Liederabend with Bryan Benner Details
Vienna, Austria

19.00 - Theater am Spittelberg

"Doppelkonzert: Trio Klavis | Bryan Benner" Details
ReMusica Festival Prishtina, Kosovo postponed - online concert
Virtual concert Details
Vienna, Austria
19.30 Nietzscheplatz - Kultursommer Wien
Vienna, Austria
20.00 Main Stage Donauinsel - Kultursommer Wien
La Valetta, Malta
Malta International Music Festival - postponed Details
Kawaguchiko - Yamanashi, Japan
13.30 - Enkei Hall (Steller Theater) Details
Kawaguchiko - Yamanashi, Japan
13.30 - Enkei Hall (Steller Theater) Details
Tokio, Japan
14.00 - Mozart Hall Katsushika Symphony Hills
Kawasaki, Japan
14.00 - Takatsu Shiminkan Hall Details
Jerusalem, Israel
11.00 - American Colony Hotel Details
Jerusalem, Israel
19.00 - American Colony Hotel Details
Jerusalem, Israel
Workshop at Willy Brandt Center Jerusalem Details TBA
Tel Aviv, Israel
Austrian Embasy Details TBA
Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg, Austria

18.30 Wiener Saal

"La Création" - after work im Wiener Saal Details
Brick - 5 Vienna, Austria

20.00 Stage of Brick - 5

Late-Night Liederabend - with Bryan Benner
Bielsko-Biała, Poland

18.00 Historical museum of Bielsko-Biała

"Geography Of Sound" Details
Klosterneuburg, Austria

19.30 - Festsaal der Raiffeisenbank Klosterneuburg

"La Création" - Abo-Konzert Details
Vienna, Austria

Lorely hall

CD recording - Shostakovich, Brahms, Krenek
Stadtlohn, Germany

18h - Création, Kunstklärwerk

"Summerwinds Festival, Münsterland 2018" Details
Klagenfurt, Austria

11h - Burghof Klagenfurt

"Klassik im Burghof"
Bad Kissingen, Germany

19.00 - Kissinger Sommer

"Wandelkonzert" Details
Bad Kissingen, Germany

23.00 - Kissinger Sommer

"Late Night Concert" Details
Amadeus International School, Vienna, Austria

19.00 - Horowitz concert hall

"Heal the world" concert series Details TBA
Samsun, Turkey

OMÜ International Music Festival, Atakum Art Center

Vienna, Austria

19.30 - Brick-5

Vienna, Austria

20.00 - Musikverein, Gläserner Saal

"Ost.West" tickets
Ziersdorf, Austria

19.30 - Konzerthaus Weinviertel

"Allegro Vivo - Perpetuum nobile" tickets
Vienna, Austria

20.00 - Brick-5

"Klang des Impressionismus" more info
Vienna, Austria

19.00 - Theater am Spittelberg

"Doppelkonzert - Trio Klavis und Folksmilch" more info
Harare, Zimbabwe

20.00 HIFA 2017

"Geography Of Sound" tickets
Harare, Zimbabwe

20.00 HIFA 2017

"Take It To Eleven" tickets
Vienna, Austria

19.30 - Brick-5

"Mosaïque - Wiener Blut" tickets
Dalian, China

19.00 - Dalian Theatre

"Take It To Eleven"
Changsha, China


"Take It To Eleven"
Nanjing, China

19.00 - Cultural Center

"Take It To Eleven"
Vienna, Austria

21.00 - Theater in der Josefstadt

"Bank Austria Gala"
Zürich, Switzerland

19.30 - Tonhalle, Kleiner Saal

"Für Sie entdeckt" tickets
St. Petersburg, Russia

20.00 - Small Philharmonic hall

"Take It To Eleven" tickets
Vienna, Austria

20.00 - Theater am Spittelberg

"Doppelkonzert: BartolomeyBittmann – "Neubau" | Trio KlaViS" tickets
Koper, Slovenia

20.00 - Glasbena Akademija

"Geography of Sound" tickets
Velenje, Slovenia

19.30 - Glasbena šola Frana Koruna Koželjskega

"Geography of Sound" tickets
Vienna, Austria

Friday Nights with Yury Revich

19.00 - Schwarzberg

"Geography of Sound" tickets
Klosterneuburg, Austria

19.30 - Babenbergerhalle

"Musik als Geste des Geistes" tickets
Maria Saal, Austria

Kammermusik Maria Saal

"KlaViS in Maria Saal" tickets
Amstetten, Austria

19:30 - Johann-Pölz-Halle

"Musik als Geste des Geistes" tickets
Hainburg, Austria

18:00 - Hainburger Haydn Gesellschaft

"Geography of Sound" tickets
Munich, Germany

20:00 - Gasteig, Kleiner Konzertsaal

"Take It To Eleven" tickets
Schloss Kirchstetten im Weinviertel, Austria

19:30 - Maulbertsch-Saal

"Musik als Geste des Geistes" tickets
ISA Festival, Mürzzuschlag, Austria

20:00 - Mürzzuschlag Großer Stadtsaal

"Summer Classix” tickets
Vienna, Austria

19:30 - Theater am Spittelberg

"Geography of Sound” tickets
International Gümüşlük Classical Music Festival, Gümüşlük, Turkey

21:00 - Ancient Quarry

"Geography of Sound” tickets
Vienna, Austria

20:00 - Musikverein, Metallener Saal

"Geography of Sound" tickets
Grafenegg, Austria

17:30 – Grafenegg Schlosshof

"Zwischen Witz und Wahnwitz" Trio KlaViS & Yu Horiuchi tickets
Vienna, Austria

20:00 – ORF Radiokulturhaus, Grosser Sendesaal

"Take It To Eleven" with Special Guest Aleksey Igudesman tickets
Vienna, Austria

21:00 - Musikverein, Metallener Saal

"10 Jahre 4 Neue Säle" tickets
Vienna, Austria

19.30 - MuTh

Vienna Saxophone Festival "SaxParty" tickets
Vienna, Austria

20:00 – Musikverein, Gläserner Saal "Take It To Eleven"

Uno.Due.Tre, with Marialena Fernandes


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